4 live performances cut live to vinyl!

For over 100 years, man has worked to find new and better ways of preserving sound. From the invention of wax cylinders and records, to vinyl discs, magnetic tape and digital playback. For each new way of recording, another becomes outdated.

On Saturday, October 8th, intervention artists Harvey Loves Harvey created something new out of the overlap of high and low-tech. A crowd of people was on hand to witness four performances inspired by recording firsts: the first recorded sounds, the first broadcast recordings, and the first recording sent into space! These original songs will be performed live in the park by Tree of Tenere (featuring members of Soccer Mom), Animal Hospital, Ashcan Orchestra and The Hussy.

Using the latest wifi technology, these sounds were sent from the street to the studio at Masterdisk, and cut live to a unique vinyl record. This disc is the first field recording of its kind, made by mixing the cutting-edge with the out-of-date.

As the sun rose over the warm October afternoon, the engineers gave the thumbs up and Masterdisk's Alex DeTurk started cutting the a-side of the record. Harvey's Matthew Nash, acting MC for the event, introduced Animal Hospital performing a piece inspired by the first recordings of human voice. He was followed by Ashcan Orchestra, with a composition inspired by the first broadcast recordings. The a-side was played out by Tree of Tenere, with a piece inspired by the Voyager recordings.

For the b-side, the first track was brought to the park by Nash's phone. Performing in Madison, WI, The Hussy injected another layer of broadcast insanity to this already complex recording. The b-side was finished with new pieces by Animal Hospital, Ashcan Orchestra and Tree of Tenere.

At the end of the performance, Harvey's Jason Dean and the Masterdisk team brought the newly minted record to the park, and played it for everyone present.

This event is created as part of Art in Odd Places 2011: RITUAL. Art in Odd Places (AiOP) aims to present art that stretches the boundaries of communication in the public realm by presenting artworks in all disciplines outside the confines of traditional public space regulations. AiOP reminds us that public spaces function as the epicenter for diverse social interactions and the unfettered exchange of ideas.

Guest curated by Kalia Brooks, MoCADA Director of Exhibitions and Trinidad Fombella, El Museo Del Barrio Exhibitions Manager/Assistant Curator. Festival Producer, Lucia Warck Meister. Founder/Director, Ed Woodham

Special thanks to Masterdisk, and especially Alex DeTurk for helping make this strange and amazing record happen.

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View the full performance, plus the playing of the new record in the park!
(52 minutes)
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Videos of each band performance
Animal Hospital performs for the a-side
Ashcan Orchestra performs for the a-side
Tree of Tenere performs for the a-side
Animal Hospital performs for the b-side
Ashcan Orchestra performs for the b-side
Tree of Tenere performs for the b-side

During the performance, cards were given to the audience explaining the instructions given to the bands.